Ballet from Tutterow Dance Academy
BALLET provides the foundation of a great dancer. Our classes focus on proper technique, correct body placement, strengthening and terminology. Pointe classes are available by teacher recommendation only.
Tap from Tutterow Dance Academy
TAP offers the fundamentals for creating rhythmic sounds. Tap dance helps promote a good sense of rhythm as well as coordination. Correct terminology is always used.
Jazz from Tutterow Dance Academy
JAZZ classes also focus on proper technique, stretching and body placement with the use of contemporary music. Students learn various forms of movement. Intermediate and Advanced classes incorporate leaps and turns.
Hip Hop from Tutterow Dance Academy
HIP HOP is another form of jazz that concentrates more on "popping" and "locking" positions. Today's popular music is usually chosen for this class.
Lyrical from Tutterow Dance Academy
LYRICAL dance, a fusion of ballet & jazz, uses correct technique while developing the dancer's sense of expression and feeling for the music. 
MODERN Dance uses the torso employing such elements as contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.  Modern dance is not bound to the classical rules of ballet.


TutterTots - our "mommy & me" for 2yr olds and parent. Their first opportunity to explore the art of dance!

 **All photos are of students trained at Tutterow Dancers.


Bright Before Your Eyes Parade

Bright Before Your Eyes Parade is Sunday December 8th. 
All Tutterow Dancers ages 6 & up are welcome to join us as we dance along the parade route. Parents must drop off their Dancer between 5:30- 5:45pm and pick up at the Seminole Rec Dept.(Parade starts at 6:30) I will have plenty of staff and chaperones walking along side with the dancers. If you are interesting in being a Chaperone, please email Ms Debbie.  () Chaperones will only be walking on the west side of the street.  (no strollers in the parade)
Parade T-shirts are available to purchase - Parade Shirt Order Form

Please turn in your order by November 11th